Sun-grown, organic cannabis
from Ha Rakolo, Lesotho

changing the
future together

Botanican is establishing Lesotho’s first legal network of cannabis growers, and bringing sustainable, medicinal cannabis products to local and global markets. By leveraging optimal climates, world-renowned strains and centuries’ worth of local agricultural and medicinal knowledge, Botanican aims to improve livelihoods and reduce poverty, with 20% of profits invested in local communities.
What makes us stand out

Sustainably grown

Our medicinal strains are sun-grown & pesticide free. We use regenerative farming practices, organic fertiliser, and our water comes from the rain, river and local dams. Soil and water analyses are conducted regularly.

Quality assured

All our products are lab tested to ensure the highest level of safety and quality. Both the cannabis flower and the oil extractions are tested for heavy metals, residual solvents and cannabinoid and terpene profiling.

Social impact

Botanican works with local farmers, providing them with seedlings, agronomic support & quality assurance. 20% of Botanican’s profits are invested in a community trust which is used to to improve infrastructure, health & education in local areas.

Who we work with

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